Science Data

Mars Global Surveyor:

Image of TES (Thermal Emission Spectrometer)

The TES Missions Operations Team at ASU provides and up-to-date archive of all TES data. However, as of 2003, the site is maintained as an official Planetary Data System Data Node. Go to the ASU data site
However, the Planetary Data System Geosciences Node also hosts the "raw and calibrated thermal infrared radiance spectra, visual and thermal bolometric radiance measurements, and atmospheric and surface properties derived from this data." Go to the PDS TES site

Image of the MOC instrument

"The Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) generates images of the Martian surface with narrow-angle and wide-angle cameras. MOC images are produced by the MOC Science Team." The Planetary Data System hosts and archives the MOC data. Go to the PDS MOC site

Image of the MOLA Instrument

"The Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA) generates altimetry profiles that are used to create global topographic maps. The MOLA instrument stopped acquiring altimetry data on June 30, 2001, and since then has operated in passive radiometry mode. MOLA data sets are produced by the MOLA Science Team." The Planetary Data System hosts and archives the MOLA data. Go to the PDS MOLA site

MSSS Logo Banner

Malin Space Science Systems - Mars Global Surveyor Orbitcal Camera Captioned Image Releases of Polar Caps, Frost. Go to the MSSS site

Mars Odyssey:

Image of the Themis Instrument

"THEMIS (Thermal Emission and Imaging Spectrometer) data sets are produced by the THEMIS Science Team at Arizona State University (ASU). They are archived by the THEMIS Data Node."Go to the Themis PDS site.
Themis data is also available at Arizona State University Mission site, a satellite of the PDS Imaging Node.Go to the Themis ASU data site

Image of the Gamma Ray Spectrometer

"The GRS instrument suite includes the Gamma Ray Spectrometer (GRS), Neutron Spectrometer (NS), and High Energy Neutron Detector (HEND). GRS data sets are produced by the GRS Science Team at the University of Arizona (UA)." Data is hosted by the Planetary Data System." Go to the GRS PDS site
LPL at the University of Arizona also hosts the GRS data. "The GRS Data Node, a satellite of the Geosciences Node, provides online custom-generated GRS products, tailored to the user's latitude-longitude and time range specifications." Go to the LPL GRS site

Themis Logo Banner

Mars 2001 Odyssey - Thermal Emission Imaging System Gallery - Ice Caps Go to the Themis site

Mars Express:

Image of the OMEGA Instrument

The European Space Agency is responsible for the most current data from Mars Express. That information can be found at the Mars Express Science Archive. Go to the ESA Omega site
The Planetary Data System does however host a copy of all Mars Express data. Go to the Omega site

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter:


The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter will begin its primary mapping mission in November 2006. The first data release is scheduled for June 2007. Go to the PDS MRO site